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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amanda meets the internet

Over the past few weeks, I have finally joined the world of the internet. After refusing to purchase internet on the grounds that I would rather spending my time reading (cough, see: poor) I have finally taken the leap and joined the wonder of the world wide web.

Now, don't get me wrong. I went to college. I've typed papers on the computer for years. I was emailing and IMing in my teens and I even have facebook. I even thought that I was extremely proficient. I mean, I knew more than my parents and grandparents, and I was able to get by without letting on that I didn't know the difference between Firefox and Safari or MySpace and Twitter. Alas, over the last two years the veil has been lifted and my friends have seen the truth. I'm a troglodyte living in a modern world.

Refusing to be yet another self-righteous, nostalgic luddite, I decided to grit my teeth and give this whole thing a chance.

I started out, childlike and shy, only opening up my computer for a few minutes at a time, then turning it off quickly in angst. Then, I began watching youtube. One video led to the next. How can you not click on a video of a man dancing with a tiger or a baby playing the mandolin?

Then... it happened, I discovered craigslist. This initially began as obsessive searching for things I would never have use for, then it evolved into searching for jobs that might help me earn an extra buck. Next thing I knew I was posting anything and everything for sale on craigslist: a desk, sofas, coffee tables, old winter jackets, and even services. (No no, not those kind of serices. Come on, get your mind out of the gutter people!) I tutored a few people, booked a few weddings (I am a vocalist) and even sang at an assisted living for $75.

I was really getting a hang of this internet thing.

Then, my naivete got the better of me. I nearly fell prey to a common craigslist scam twice. In the past two weeks, I have had two checks FedExed to me in the amount of a couple thousand dollars. The first was issued for my services as a "secret shopper" and the second was someone I was supposed to provide tutoring services for. Fortunately, my charming fiance stopped me before I made my way to the bank and I have assured him I will no longer give out my address unless I am absolutely positive I am not providing my home address to a scamming criminal. Ahem.

By this time I was feeling pretty good and I decided to go where I had never gone before... BLOGGING! I joined a site,, where you were paid $20 if you made it to the top blogs page. I twisted the arms of my friends and family to please, please, please read my blog so that I might finally make it to the ever elusive top blog page.

After weeks of posting, arm twisting, begging and cajoling, I finally had a decent following- only to learn that goodblogs was broke! All my hard work for nothing.

So here I am. Blogging where normal people blog. Where I should have come first. I am new to the internet, new to blogging and new to

I was thrilled while creating my profile to see that the number of times my profile had been viewed had jumped from 2 to 6 while I was editing and saving my blog... only to realize that it updated every time I viewed my own profile.

I hope I'll pick up a few readers other than my mom and my fiance... but if I don't, I guess I'll just virtually talk aloud to myself.

That's all for now, Amanda

p.s. I love you Mom! Thanks for supporting me in all my ventures... even the silly ones like blogging! (-:


  1. Hey sis!! My husband is coookin the pork chops, oh yea!! Grad school is amazing and I am glad we are in it together :-) LOOOVVEEE YOU!!!

  2. Amanda...will you please blog about your first day of school? I think you should also include pictures of your kitty/doggy/flower notebooks and folders. Higher Ed's finest student!! ;)