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Monday, August 22, 2011

Food for thought... well actually a lack of food for thought

Tonight I met with two students preparing to take the Graduate Records Exam, a test required for most Graduate programs. These two young men moved to the United States in November of 2010 from Libya. We briefly chatted about the changes in Libya that have taken place over the past year. They were prohibited from learning English prior to their arrival to the United States.

While I waited at the coffee shop, I ordered them each a cup of coffee. I was thoroughly embarrassed when they arrived and explained that they couldn't eat or drink until sunset because they are currently observing Ramadan.

I asked them a few questions about Ramadan, including the health implications. They told me that Ramadan is healthy for soul; when the rich feel hungry throughout Ramadan, they remember that there are many poor people suffering from hunger and starvation every day.

Their response humbled me and I sat there in silence for a minute as I reflected on the many Americans that might benefit from feeling, and truly considering, what it means to go to bed hungry.... including me.


  1. Thank you for sharing this story. I have many friends from around the world and have been exposed to this custom for sometime now. I think this is a very good custom and only lasts a month. I also know the Bahi religion does a simular practice once a year. They are not allowed to eat or drink from sunup to sunset each day. I have followed you over from Goodblogs to see your new site. I am very happy I did.

    I am not posting on Goodblogs now after arriving in the US. I have found my Mothers post from GoodBlogs and created a new site to post them on. The new site is I am posting on the site works from my Mother, some of my writting and writting that the two grandchildren are doing age 10 and 8. I would like to invite you to visit the new blog if you have time. I will be back reading here and will subscribe to your blog. That will make it easier for me to follow along.

    Thank you so much Ann LeFlore

  2. Thanks Ann! I think I saw a particularly disturbing comment battle played out on your blog regarding sole vs. soul? It really upset me as I thought the content of your writing was always solid as well as very informational and interesting! I am so glad you followed. (-: I will check out you blog now!

  3. Thank you so much. I guess in the end it was easy to pick apart others writting to make them look bad for some reason. I would just like to move on and see where the road takes off and what it offers. It is kind of fun to post on the new blog site. I just added this site to the one that my Mom has for cooking. I tried to get her to write some on blogging @ 76 to try and inspire other senior citizens to try and blog. But she is not a technical writer and I think she has given up on this one. I should pick it up and try to add to it. I will see how that one works out and maybe could create a nice technical blog site to help out anyone learn how to use the Internet. It might be fun to do this one too. But as you know blog sites take a lot of work and effort to keep them up and running.