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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I moved into my condo July 1st this summer and up until this weekend, hadn't painted a thing. I know myself pretty well, and I was afraid that the second I got a wall painted I'd hate the color and want to change it. 

Last week Drew casually suggested that he might have time to paint the bathroom over the long weekend. So on Friday we went to Menards and picked out a Tiffany blue paint for the walls in the bathroom, and a teal color for an accent wall behind the sink. I tried to help Drew for a few minutes, but it quickly became apparent that Drew was better off painting by himself. (Let's be honest, if I were painting, paint would end up all over the ceiling, floors and furniture). So I did the only natural thing a girl could do in this situation, I opened a Mike's Hard Lemonade, plopped down on top of the plastic in the tub and supervised.

Well, the bathroom looked so fabulous I suddenly couldn't believe we had waited so long to paint. Poor Drew probably wished he had never brought up painting because then I was on his case until we, or rather he, finished painting the whole place. Being the wonderfully patient man that he is, he went to Menards again yesterday and we picked out a grayish-blue for the bedroom walls and a red accent wall. It looks AMAZING! I love it! Bonnie says colors release endorphins... so all the more reason to get paint crazy!

We still aren't sure about the great room, but I'm leaning towards beige/cream walls with a green wall along the kitchen wall. I'm open to ideas! McCayla thinks I should move the red and black decorations into the bedroom, and stick to a natural/green toned theme for the great room.

Pictures to come... but because blogs without pics are boring... Here is a craft my mom and I made for hostess gifts over the holidays. These two bottles are both thanksgiving themed, but it is really easy to make them for any occasion. The key is to buy scraps of cloth and ribbons in the clearance section at the craft store. It is okay to splurge on the burlap and some raffia (which isn't pictured here, but should be!) It is a great way to snaz up your hostess gift!