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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Memories of Valentine's Past

In elementary school, I spent weeks, if not months planning out my valentine's box. One year I made a paper-mache basketball and another year I made a spaceship. I also spent weeks, if not months, dreading the many hours it would take me to fill out each individual valentine with the name of my classmate and "from Amanda". Those were the days. I still hold it against the candy companies that they made me categorize my friendships into normal size valentines, and the larger valentines for your "extra-special" friends. I agonized over who to give the larger valentines to. Sometimes they would make things even more complicated by adding a third valentine, for your extra-extra-special valentines.

In high school, the danceline ran a fundraiser on Valentine's Day. For $2 you could have a carnation delivered to anyone in the school. Yellow for friendship, pink for a crush and red for love. The number and colors of carnations you did, or didn't, receive basically ranked your 'coolness' in front of your classmates. It was very stressful, waiting in your seat praying that at least one carnation would be for you... thanks to my mom there was always at least one carnation for me! 

In college, Keeley and I enjoyed complaining around Valentine's Day quite a bit. (To be fair, one of our favorite pastimes as friends is complaining.)  One time, Keeley and I were sulking around in the dark blaring our "break-up" playlist on itunes. I remember going into Kelsey and Sarah's room, where the lights were on, they were both dressed up and the shelves were lined with bouquets. In reality, I think there were probably four bouquets- one from home and one from a boy for each girl- but in my mind there were at least 8 bouquets in that room. 

Now I'm with my permanent Valentine, and I don't want to spoil the surprise but let's just say I got him something that has to do with trampolines... lots and lots of trampolines... Last year I got him a vacuum cleaner so I figured I had to get him  something cool to make up for it. 

Anyway, if you are reading this, you are probably one of my good pals... because let's face it only the people I force to read this blog actually do read, if I were giving you a Valentine, I'd definitely be giving you one of the big Valentines out of the package... 

xoxo, Amanda


  1. I felt the same way about the carnations. LOL thanks for the memory! Also, I never wanted any of the valentines that were saying I thought someone was extra special to go to any of the boys in my grade I didn't really like. I was very careful in picking just the right ones.

  2. man o man... how I would wait for a dang carnation! The year mom sent one to me in frenc that read, "your secret admirer" I though for sure it was a boy... So what did you give drew? Shoes? or a SPring?

  3. Ah that was cute! Yeah what did you get Drew this year? I love that you got him a vacuum.