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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wine Quotes

These quotes were in the wine menu at the Graycliff... thought they were worth writing down. I added the last one. (-;

“Good company, good wine, good welcome, makes good people.”
                                                           WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

“The flavor of wine is like delicate poetry.”
                              LOUIS PASTEUR

By wine we are generous made,
It furnishes fancy with wings;
Without it we never would have had
Philosophers, poets or kings.
                    ANON: “Wine and Wisdom” 1789

“Wine rejoices the heart of man, and joy is the maker of all virtue.”
                                                                                          J.W. GOETHE

“Wine measurably drank, and in season, bringeth gladness to the heart, and cheerfulness to the mind.”
                   ECCLESIASTICUS 31:28

“Wine that maketh glad to the heart of man.”
                                               PSALMS 104:15

“A house with great wine stored below lives in our imagination as a joyful house, fast and splendidly rooted in the soil.”
                         GEORGE MEREDITH

“There are things you do because they feel right and they may make no sense and they may make no money and it may be the real reason we are here: to love each other and to eat each other's cooking and say it was good.”
                              BRIAN ANDREAS

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