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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's in a bridesmaid?

Cards purchased on etsy from Renee

 A bridesmaid is....
      Someone you can dress up with,

Throw theme parties with (I think being able to wear a costume is a pre-requisite for being my friend... crazy hat party, gin and jeans, Era's Party, Lady Gaga party, Silver and Gold Party, 80s prom),
Call after months of busy schedules and gush for hours as if no time had passed at all.
Someone who reads the same books as you!

Someone who always sees the good in you, even when it is hard to see the good in yourself.

Someone you grew up with...
    or someone you know you will grow old with.

Someone who will listen to you go on and on, even when you forget to ask about their life.

Someone you have sung at the top of your lungs with! (Queen, Michael Buble, Oldies, Christina Tabuchi, Jason Mraz, Disney, MJ)

The girls you formed clubs with in elementary school...
 (You can only get in if you believe in make-believe,
 the tooth fairy, 
leprechauns and you cannot drink "boose").

Someone that has spent time milking cows, training calves, picking rocks, riding horses, riding four-wheelers, fishing in the creek, mud-sliding, floating down Spencer's creek, building forts, bailing hay, making hay forts and playing at  the farm.
Someone you've had sleepovers with... both as kids and adults!

Someone you can be your wacky self with!

Someone you can really boogie down and dance with!

I am SO blessed to have the love of my friends, cousins and sisters. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by my good fortune in friendships. I love my bridesmaids and my ushers, thank you for being part of my special day! xoxo

A friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though they know you are slightly cracked!
~Bernard Meltzer

I don't measure my worth by the quantity or quality of my possessions, but rather by the quantity of my experiences and the quality of my friendships...
 and guess what? I'm in the 1%!

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