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Monday, September 17, 2012

Meet Bosco

Meet my dog, Bosco.

Bosco is very photogenic.

See what I mean?

He loves to sleep.

Bosco can't really swim without a life jacket. (Pathetic but adorable)

The only thing Bosco likes better than sleeping is playing with balls.

Sometimes Bosco thinks rocks are balls... the beach tends to make him a bit frantic. BALLS EVERYWHERE
Bosco is a good sport when we occasionally dress him up. 

Rockin some booties and a muscle tee.

Hot Dog!

When we camp... he gets carted around behind the bikes.

When Bosco goes for walks, he tends to get overheated. He always pulls this move when we come across vents. 
He also wallows in every puddle and fountain we come across.

It's possible that we love our dog too much... Drew carved this pumpkin last year.

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