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Saturday, June 22, 2013

"He's a Keeper!" Fishing Themed Baby Shower

Last weekend I hosted a baby shower for my sister Bonnie with two of her best friends, Amber and Joanie.

Thanks to a little help from pinterest, and the imagination of Amber and Joanie, we were able to incorporate some cute fishing themed ideas into the event.

Fishing cupcakes and dirt cups, yummy!

Goldfish snacks!

We tried to put swedish fish into blue jello, but it's tough to find the exact moment to put the fish in when the jello is firm enough that the fish won't sink, but not firm enough that the top will still be smooth. If I were to do it again, I'd just make the jello and put a ducky on top!

Caprese skewers: mozarella balls, grape tomatoes, basil leaves drizzled in balsamic glaze.

The sperm and the uterus...

Pin the sperm on the uterus!

Mix and match to determine what the baby will look like!
Fish the pacifier out of the pool game!

The hostesses!

The two best friends, due dates only a few months apart!


  1. Cutest bridal shower ever! So good to see everyone!

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  3. Lovely baby shower!! Loved all your preparations. The blue cupcakes are best. The unique idea of decoration is great. Have to arrange my sister’s baby shower at one of San Francisco wedding venues. Will try to organize best one for her.