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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It's been an exciting week around the Imes household. Before we brought the new puppy home we made a trip to PetSmart and, well... as you can see, things got a little out of hand. 

We have also read three different puppy training books, one of which stressed the importance of three types of toys: chew toys, stimulation toys (brain-teasers etc) and comfort toys. Consequently, we spent about thirty minutes evaluating the various plush comfort toys and debating the pros and cons of the various squeakers and textures of the various stuffed-animals available before we finally settled on the giraffe blanket we refer to as Jambo.

Loki and Jambo the Giraffe are good buds already!

Recently, Drew and I were discussing the words Shakespeare introduced to the English syntax. It’s amazing how many words and phrases that we use every day were actually something dreamed up by the playwright, such as the word “eyeball” and the phrase “dead as a doornail”. Naturally, this motivated us to try to come up with our own words. Since most of our time is now spend doting on Loki, the winner was “kangapouch” as in, “Amanda was kangapouching Loki all weekend”. ™ 

Me kangapouching Loki at Split Rock Lighthouse with the Alaskan nieces. 
So anyway, we spend most of our time these days staring at Loki and praising him for doing things like pooping outside or going up stairs unescorted. Yes, the joys of a pet owner are boundless.


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