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Friday, March 30, 2012

Problem: Need something blue. Solution: The perfect shoe.

Full-Disclosure Warning: If you have an x and a y chromosome, you might as well stop reading this post now. This blog is gender specific.

If you are like me, then you know this moment well.

The moment you find... the perfect shoe. 

A shoe so beautiful-the heavens part, choirs of angels sing and heavenly light streams down upon the shoe; surely, this is one of God’s most beautiful works of perfection. A shoe so beautiful you are willing to change the entire color scheme of your wedding just to incorporate this shoe.

You click “add to cart”.

You go to select size... and... and... it happens. This is your bridezilla moment. The shoe is only available in a 6 or a 9.

You are a 7.5.

You are suddenly desperate. You will literally kill for this shoe... a shoe that only moments ago you didn’t know existed, but now that you know it is like the entire world will end if you can’t find that shoe.

You search the internet wildly, hoping-praying- that somewhere, anywhere, the shoe is available in your size. You hold out hope; after all it is the World Wide Web! Site after site, and still nothing in your size!!!

You go back to the original website. The reviews say it runs large, can you cram your feet into a six? Yes, you can make this work... no, no, you can’t. You frantically send eight emails to the manufacturer begging them to re-stock size seven.

Just when you think life as you know it is over, your faithful bridesmaid saves the day. She sends you suitable alternatives, shoe clips to accessorize and even photoshops the alternatives onto a photo of you in your wedding dress. Your heartbeat returns to a steady pace.

Shoe crisis averted...until next time. And for the love of Pete, if you are lucky enough to have size 6.5 feet, please do your feet (and the world) a favor and buy these shoes! 

 In case the first two times I posted the link weren't enough, here it is again:

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