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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just for the HALIBUT

Well today concludes day three in Homer, and what a lovely three days it has been. Yesterday we took a water taxi across Kachemak Bay to a secluded lagoon. Our water taxi pulled up onto a huge bed of sea kelp and we were greeted with knee high rubber boots. We trekked our way up a very steep shore to a little cabin. After we all used the outhouse, we were skirted up and placed in our kayaks. We kayaked all day and had a great time. We ate lunch on a little island where we collected our own sea kelp, legumes and other greens from the island to make fish soup. By the time we finished lunch, the tide had made our little beach disappear and we were able to kayak right over the beach we ate on only minutes prior; the tide moves in so fast! By the time we got home the high tide had covered at least 70 ft of the uphill beach we originally trekked after being dropped off by the water taxi! We did not see as much wildlife as we had hoped, but we did see a little sea otter who put on quite a show for us. Eagles in Alaska are as plentiful as robins in MN- they are everywhere! Drew and I saw about 20 eagles eating fish carcasses where someone had cleaned fish on our way home.

I'm including a few pictures below. Today the boys (Drew and his bro Nate) went halibut fishing. Unfortunately, I stayed behind due to a cold I picked up in Africa. The deck hand said it was good luck to eat the head off the raw herring which is used as bait.... So Drew ate the head off the raw herring! Here is a video: check it out!

 I had a blast with my soon to be in-laws. We shopped 'til we dropped! Tomorrow is Drew's birthday and we are planning to celebrate by white water river rafting in the Kenai Peninsula.

On the water taxi crossing Kachemak bay, AK

Inukshuks on the Spit in Homer, AK

walking along the spit

This abandoned ship is all tricked out inside, someone is either living or vacationing here... how cool is that? 

Ship graveyard on the Spit- Mom doesn't it remind you of Maine? 

The brothers on The Irish before departing on their halibut fishing trip!

Drew's catch! 

When Pinterest leads people astray... the garden at our cottage.


  1. Great pictures and loved the little garden with the tea pots :)

  2. TOO GOOD! Love the pictures and the video of Drew. Wow...what a trooper.