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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home in Homer

Well I finally made it to Alaska after a very long day in the airport. Terminal 2 was evacuated due to a suspicious item found in someone's checked bag. I sat in the airport from noon until 7:30 pm, when I finally took off for Anchorage. I read 435 pages of Shades of Grey in one day, a feat I'm not proud of. Do you know how embarrassing it is to read that book in public? But, I had time to kill...

We drove to Homer today and the drive from Anchorage to Homer is breathtaking. Because we are at sea level, the height of the mountains is very dramatic. We saw 11 moose today, including two sets of cows with two calves. The moose are everywhere, rambling through yards, strolling down the road and munching in the ditches. We also saw a romp of otters playing in the bay along The Spit. (The Spit is a peninsula that sticks out into the bay in Homer.) While watching the otters a bald eagle flew about 20 ft away, it was breathtaking.

Drew went to the trouble of writing out a packing list for me, he even brought things he knew I would leave behind like hats, gloves and warm socks. He laid out my outdoorsy raincoat for me, but opting for my more fashionable black trench raincoat I left the sensible raincoat at home. I didn't process the fact that we are going on an 8 hour kayaking trip tomorrow. As Drew put it, "I will be the only one out there kayaking in a peacoat."

We are going to fish for some halibut on Wednesday morning and hope to white water river raft in Hope, AK on Thursday. Please find some pictures attached! 

On the drive from Anchorage to Homer

This is where we saw a cow and her two calves

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