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Friday, June 29, 2012

Another sappy post

Sorry, this is going to be another one about Drew- I guess I'm channeling my inner Nicholas Sparks or something.

Drew and I started dating in late November, 2009. So, we had only been dating a few months when we had our first Valentine's Day together. Without consulting one another, we both wrote a poem. As you can see by the picture, great minds think alike because the way we cut and folded the poems was pretty much identical. However, Drew also drew me a picture... a picture of Zelda looking characters making out, and if that doesn't scream love I don't know what does.... lol.

Here is the poem I wrote for Drew for our first Valentine's Day, and I still feel this way every day.

It is hard to believe there can be anything so humbling
so fascinatingly boundless as the North Shore
when looking upon it,
with you
for in the crisp hour before ski close
we are drifting back and forth, your breath my breath
and in that moment my ability to deny you defenseless.
And I’m surprised because every day I see you and
in your flannel jacket Ray Bans long hair
you look better and happier than anyone I’ve met    - yet
and the way you move seamlessly with the mountain
breathe as it breathes
in perfect symmetry with the contours of its body
and the way you look at me
and your bicycle 
and your record player
or maybe it’s just you
and now I wake up laughing
and now we’re playing Scrabble
so when you put on a headlamp to read beside me
I kissed your crocodile tattoo

Disclaimer: I wanted to get Drew's approval before posting this because I thought he might be embarrassed... but guess what, he wasn't embarrassed at all, not even a little bit. Add this to the number of reasons I love him! 

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  1. Here I thought that was a dragon tattoo. Nevertheless, it's cool. Keep up the good work!