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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Taking a "timeout" from wedding world

Well, things in wedding world haven't been going exactly according to plan. My poor Andrew tried to help me out by stuffing, stamping & sealing our invites while I was out of town on a work assignment last week.

He expected a hero's welcome when he handed me the invites, but... there were a few problems. The conversation went something like this:

"Hi Honey! Welcome home, aren't you happy I stuffed all the envelopes!"

"Oh my gosh. Drew! You used the "Mr. & Mrs. Imes" stickers! Didn't you think that was a little weird!?"

"Oh, there were two different address labels, I didn't even notice."  (There wer invitation address labels and weddings I'd order for our thank you notes after the wedding.)

(Pause for a dramatic  mini-manic-meltdown.)

Then, I noticed that several of the invitations were upside down, meaning the stamp and address were on the wrong part of the envelope.

Then, I realized that we didn't number the rsvps, and because there isn't a specific line designating the guest's name, we have no idea who is or isn't coming to our wedding, we simply have a number.

So... we are trying to guess who is who based on the post office they sent it through and the song they listed after the question "what song would get you out on the dance floor." We have gotten some pretty great responses to that question, everything from requests for polka and a 2 step to Black Eyed Peas, Sweet Caroline and my personal favorite, "anything that will get the ladies to dance with aging eye candy like myself!" haha.

Anyway, I decided to pry the glue gun out of my hand, tear myself away from going through the rsvps over and over again, and put aside the eight million diy projects left to complete to tell you about the man I can't wait to marry.

I started working at the Department of Revenue on August 3rd, 2009. Shortly thereafter, I saw Drew one afternoon and he really caught my eye. I didn't tell anyone about the cute boy I'd seen because I was afraid I'd jinx it. A few weeks passed and I saw Drew again, I was so excited I just had to tell my coworker Joann about him. That very day as we headed to lunch, who do you suppose we bumped into in the hall. I blushed as we passed and we exchanged a friendly hello. "He wasn't saying hello to me!" Joann exclaimed with a knowing smile.

Eventually, another coworker, Abby, realized that Drew road his bike to work down Jackson Street. I happened to walk to work down Robert Street, which is only one block west of Jackson. Not only was this guy cute with a shaggy/hippie haircut, he also rode a bike to work, and not just any bike, but a very cool old-school yellow bicycle. This bicycle to be more specific:

So... I decided to give fate a nudge by walking to work on Jackson instead of Robert, after all it wasn't really out of the way...

It took a few months, but finally we did bump into one another. The scene was very romantic.

Drew was picking up Bosco's doggie doo-doo. I awkwardly waved and we briefly said hello and confirmed that yes, we both worked at revenue and yes, we both lived downtown. Then I did one of my famous, awkward and ill-timed Amanda Thoe goodbyes and practically ran down the street. The very next day Drew looked me up at work and asked me on a date.

So see ladies? Stalking does work! (Just kidding. Like I said, I prefer "nudging fate" to stalking.)

I can honestly say I really did know almost right away. For our first date, we walked Bosco around the block. Bosco was nearly a deal breaker, but luckily I got to know the little bugger and soon I learned to love him despite his tooting, grunting, snorting and other oddities. When I made it to his loft, I could see he had a great sense of style, a record player and a very clean apartment.

I could go on and on about all the reasons Drew is the man for me, but I suppose I've bored you enough for one blog. Suffice it to say he's the yin to my yang. He's an optimist where I'm a pessimist. He's an idealist where I'm  a realist. He's patient where I'm anxious.

So... I only need to make it through 37 more crazy, panic stricken days until I can begin my journey with Andrew.

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