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Saturday, June 9, 2012

just Palin' around with sarah

We left Homer and made it back to Eagle River. We postponed the white water river rafting because Drew pinched his sciatic nerve while reeling in his 13 halibut (the limit was 2 but he kept throwing them back hoping for the trophy... 13 may have been overdoing it). Yesterday he woke up and could barely crawl to the bathroom; luckily after taking it easy yesterday, it has loosened up and we were able to get in a really great hike today.

Today there were two bald eagles just hanging out on the McDonald's M in town. Eagles in AK are basically like tweety birds around here, every time I look up I expect to see an Eagle. Similarly, moose are everywhere.  Everywhere we go I feel as though we have stepped right out of a postcard. 

Today we first climbed up Mount Baldy- according to the internet this is supposed to be a "Moderate to easy" hike. I'm not sure who came up with that rating, but it was very steep, muddy and dangerous. However, once we reached the summit, we could see the trail kept going up to the next peak which is called the Black Tail Rocks. Despite our seriously inadequate preparation, we decided to forge ahead. Distances can be very deceiving while hiking, what seems like only a very short distance might actually be 2-3 miles. We made our way up the mountain and I felt like Heidi. It was very windy but we hiked about 7ish miles total and were out there for about 6 hours. We had a picnic at the top and celebrated with a mini bottle of pinot noir. You can see our picnic spot, which was a little wind break up at the top that looked like a little nest, in this video:! The little bowl we sat in and ate had several inches of spongy moss at the bottom so it was very cushy and comfy and we were out of the wind! 
My close pal Sarah. 

Last day in Homer

Eating a Reindeer Dog!

On top of Mount Baldy

Top of Mount Baldy take 2

On the way to the Black Tail Rocks

Way up on the black tail rocks, we were ridiculously unprepared, but we remembered a blanket and a mini bottle of pinot to celebrate once we reached the top! 

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