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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bliss on the Beach

Over the weekend we went to the perfect wedding. It was classy, understated, personal, fun and well planned. From the ferry ride out to the island to the magenta bridesmaid shoes, the weekend was spectacular. We kicked off the weekend with lawn bowling (fancy name for bocce ball) on the roof of Brit's Pub in Minneapolis.

On Friday, friends, family and the wedding party shared toasts and funny stories at Lord Fletcher's on Lake Minnetonka. It was a great way to get to know one another, their relationship with the couple, and express our well wishes in a personal way before the big day.

With each day the wedding approaches. I grow more emotional. You've heard of "spontaneous combustion", well I think I'm experiencing "spontaneous eruption". I just burst into tears at the most awkward moments. During every speech on Friday evening I was a blubbering mess. When Keeley and I watched "New Year's Eve", which is not a sad movie, I was a blubbering mess.  When we arrived at the Welle household on Sat, the floodgates opened and didn't close for a few hours.

To get to the island on Saturday, we drove to a parking lot, hopped on a shuttle, took the shuttle to a dock in front of the Welle household, then hopped on a pontoon over to the island. It was so charming!

I have to admit, attending a wedding as wonderful as this one was a bit unnerving three weeks before my wedding. Upon our arrival I started a mental checklist of the things I have yet to finish.Needless to say, this also prompted some tears. While we were waiting on the dock with most of the wedding party watching a pontoon ferry load up, and as the shuttle pulled into the lot, I looked around nervously and said "guys, do you think we're in the right place?" Keeley and Jenna lost it... I think that is when I kicked the anxiety and pulled myself together.
Keeley and Sarah right after our toast. Keeley was so focused on her walleye dinner that she didn't notice that she was supposed to go give the couple a hug after our toast... She went straight back to her walleye. This picture was taken while she was redeeming herself.
Notice the darling Hot Pink Sperry's?
The real flowers and flower petals on the aisle added such a romantic touch to the wedding, it was really beautiful... also kept things simple for the flower girl!

I really loved the bouquets they used for the ceremony pictured on either side of the seating chart. The simplicity of the baby's breath was so ethereal and lovely; coupled with the thulle the look was irresistible!

Drew captured a laugh on the beach... jk, we totally posed for this.

I loved the table display- clean & classic. The centerpieces were made up of various soft pink flowers; coupled with the navy blue napkins the look was complete. Sarah put labels on  wine bottles to , and then put water in the wine bottles-genius!

I mean, I'm just saying... we took these pics of our profiles in the sunset and then the photographer followed suit... (see the picture of the bride and groom down below)

 The beautiful bride and groom in the sunset... notice the amazing bow on Sarah's dress! You know the wedding was a success when the evening concludes with half the wedding party in the lake. I know Jesse and Sarah will share a lifetime of happiness and I am so happy I was able to share in their joy!

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