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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Wedding Playlist

I have mapped out every minute of the big day.

No,  I mean I have actually planned it down to the minute- as in I have literally planned every single minute of the dance.

I know exactly which songs will be played, and the order they will be played in. It occurred to me that this behavior probably is a little abnormal. (-:

I'm getting so excited and my stomach is constantly in knots.

On our rsvp cards we asked people to write in what song would get them out on the dance floor. We knew this would help us get a rocking playlist together! It has been a lot of fun seeing what songs people wrote down! Some of the songs are still missing because I got tired while compiling the list, and just an fyi... while all songs will be played at some point (cocktail hour or dinner) not all of them made the final cut for the dance! Bridezilla got to make the final cuts, obviously!

Oh, and a side note. Drew planned our honeymoon and it is all a surprise for me. I tried to convince him that I should wear a blindfold and ear plugs through the airport and at the gate so I wouldn't know where we were going until we arrived at our destination. Drew put the kabosh on this idea almost immediately. He thought he would look like a terrorist or a kidnapper dragging a blindfolded girl around the airport.

Fishin' In The Dark- 3
Electric Slide-2
Elvis Presley- Can't Help Falling in Love with you -5
Roll Out The Barrel-3
Sexy and I know it-3
Moves Like Jagger-4
Black Eyed Peas- many song requests for these guys
Single Ladies-4
What a Wonderful World-5
Sweet Caroline-3
Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night-5
Old Time Rock N' Roll-3
A Little Fall of Rain (from Les Mis) hehe, inside joke
Build Me Up Buttercup
When I'm 64
Somebody I Used to Know
Love Game
Sic 'em on the Chicken
Cupid Shuffle
Melanie C
Think about it
Call Your Girlfriend
Whitney Houston Last Dance
What Makes You Beautiful
Just Dance
Love Changes Everything
Ice Ice Baby
Tennessee Waltz
Electric Slide
Party Rock Anthem
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Sweet Home Alabama
Cha Cha Slide
Anything by Journey
"Baton Rouge" by Garth Brooks
Low- Lil' Jon
Dancin' The Night Away
Summer of '69
Sir Mix a Lot
Baby Don't Look Back
Chicken Dance
Polka Salad Annie
Blister In the Sun
Groove Is In The Heart
Cotton Eye Joe
Color My World
Dancing Queen

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