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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Ten-Day Forecast

Well here we are, ten days out. I think things get real when you hit the ten-day forecast marker.

In case you are wondering, my days go something like this:

·         Rearrange the seating assignments[1].
·         Count the rsvps.
·         Recount the rsvps.
·         Check the ten-day forecast.
·         Rearrange the seatting assignments.
·         Check to make sure my jewelry is still in its box in my suitcase[2].
·          Nag at Drew to do something. He tells me there is nothing to do because we are perfectly prepared. I briefly consider this statement, and in that brief moment, I make up a new job for Drew to do.
·         Check to make sure I still have my shoes.
·         Count the rsvps.
·         Check to make sure I still have my veil.
·         Rearrange the seating chart.

You get the drift.

I also spend a lot of time on the phone with my mom. We primarily discuss all the things that can’t be done until a day or two before the wedding. Then we hang up and I make a list of things that need to be done next Thurs or Fri[3]. Then I email the list to my mom and we rehash it all again over a follow-up phone call.   God Bless my Mother for putting up with me.

The ten-day forecast looks pretty promising!

[1] By the way, seating charts are very interesting jigsaw puzzles. For example, at what age do children require their own place setting? I figure anyone under two will probably sit on their mother or father’s lap.... so heads up, if you are bringing a child under two, I assumed they’d be sitting on your lap lol. You know who you are!
[2] I’ve grown extremely paranoid that something crucial will spontaneously disappear. This paranoia is founded on absolutely nothing. I think this new worry has sprung up because everything is already done and I just needed something to worry about so I started imagining worse case scenarios and then worrying about them.
[3] I’ve made about twenty-five lists of things to do the day before and the day of the wedding in an attempt to mitigate my anxiety about all the things we need to do but can’t actually do until we get to the barn.

Thought you might like some pictures of what I look like these days... Bridezilla on the move!!!


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  2. I have a feeling this is an understatement of whats actually going on! Can't WAIT!!